CBD for Cats and Dogs

CBD for Dogs and Cats

Dogs, Cats, & CBD

Your dog and cat are likely more than just simple pets. To most people, your furry companions are another member of the family. They’re available to cheer you up on your gloomy days with love and companionship. Our pets never fail to delight us with their loveable nature.

Unfortunately, all of our pets eventually grow old or become injured. They feel pain just the same way that we do. This is why it is so important for owners to find the right medical care for their beloved four-legged friend. Veterinarians have an arsenal of treatments and medications that can help to alleviate your pet’s pain, but what if there was a more natural way?

CBD is now being used to treat dogs and cats for a number of issues ranging from pain to anxiety. It offers a more natural, plant-based approach for those who don’t want to pump their dogs full of prescription medications. If you want to give your pets the very best treatment, you need to know how CBD might be able to help.

 What is CBD?

What is CBD?

Understanding what CBD is and where it comes from is important in making the decision to treat your pet with this new remedy. Cannabidiol is most commonly referred to as CBD. This specific formulation is one of many cannabinoids that stem from the cannabis plant. 

Keep in mind that most people are primarily familiar with another cannabinoid that comes from the same plants – THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the psychoactive portion of the plant that gives people the feeling of being high. Fortunately, the beneficial cannabinoid used for CBD is not psychoactive and doesn’t give the same sensation.

The CBD oil that you would administer to your pets is made by extracting this single cannabinoid from the plant. In order to do this, the plant parts are processed down to create an oil. This oil is further distilled to purify the liquid and remove any contaminants from the finished product. Finally, it is mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or grapeseed oil in order to make it easier to ingest.

CBD oil is legal in all fifty states because it contains little to no trace amounts of THC in the finished product. It has seen a tremendous rise in popularity as people are realizing the myriad benefits that this incredible oil has to offer. People are using it to treat their chronic pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, and so much more. 

Now that people are aware of the advantages of CBD for themselves, it is becoming common practice to share this elixir with their pets. It is now being used to treat many of the same ailments in cats and dogs. Pain, separation anxiety, and even some chronic health problems are all being treated using this natural remedy.


What Does CBD Do for Dogs and Cats?

Current research studies are demonstrating just how effective CBD oil can be for our beloved pets. The first study ever to examine the relationship between dogs and cannabidiol showed that it was an incredibly effective analgesic (painkiller). Not only did it lower the pain scores that dogs experienced due to their osteoarthritis, but it also improved their activity levels. It was the first of many promising studies that promoted using CBD for the average household pet.

Since this first study, many more results are pointing to the fact that CBD is highly effective at treating a number of common ailments in our pets. A study in rats demonstrated that transdermal application of CBD was great for reducing both pain and inflammation. This would indicate that we could use CBD to treat inflammation of the muscles and tissues in our dogs and cats as well. 

In a preliminary study, one researcher found that 89 percent of dogs who received the CBD oil had a serious reduction in the frequency of their seizures. Many signs point to the fact that CBD can do the same thing for dogs that it does for their human owners.

Scientific research is still ongoing in this exciting new area, but the evidence all points to the fact that CBD really does work for cats and dogs. It can be used to treat anxiety issues, boost appetite, treat pain and arthritis, and may possibly even treat seizures. The exact reason why it is so effective is still up for debate, but we may have answers sooner rather than later with the explosive amount of new research underway.

Be sure to do your own research on how this remedy could help your pet. It is always best to consult with your veterinarian before administering CBD oil to your cat or dog.

This oil is very popular because it is so simple to administer to your pet. Many owners find that they only need to add a few drops to their pet’s food dish at mealtimes. Others add a few drops of CBD to a piece of bread as an extra special treat for their favorite canine. No matter how you decide to administer it, your pet is bound to receive the benefits of this oil.

 CBD Oil for Cats & Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

CBD oil for dogs and cats is formulated in the exact same manner as it is for human consumption. It is carefully extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant and then mixed with a carrier oil for more palatability. You can purchase straight CBD oil and administer it to your pet. However, some manufacturers are making pet-specific products like dog treats that make it easier than ever to give this treatment to your furry friends.

Research is still ongoing in this area, but all signs point to successful implementation of CBD for conditions such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain 

The main difference between using CBD for humans and CBD for dogs and cats is how it is administered. Humans have the option of taking it sublingually or vaping it to get the CBD into their bloodstream faster. Dogs and cats must take a slightly different approach.

It helps to get creative with how you can administer this oil to your pet. Pour a few drops over some canned wet food to entice them to eat it or simply drop it into their usual dinner dish. Add a few drops to a treat to encourage them to take it from you. If you really have a picky pet, you may want to consider purchasing treats with the CBD oil manufactured into them as a more effective means of getting them to consume it.

 What is the Best Dosage for Cats & Dogs?

What is the Best CBD Dosage for Dogs and Cats?

As with all treatments for your pets, you should consult your veterinarian before administering CBD to your pets. Be sure to do your own research and take their opinion into account before giving any dosage of CBD to your dog or cat.

One study indicates that the best dosage for pain relief in pets is approximately 2 milligrams per kilogram. However, the best CBD dosage for your pet will vary based on the animal’s weight and symptoms.

A larger animal may require a larger dose of CBD than a miniature poodle or other small breed animal. In addition, more severe symptoms may require a higher dosage in order to effectively treat them. This holds true whether the oil is given for anxiety or chronic pain. 

Because pets cannot communicate how the CBD oil makes them feel, it is always best to start off with a low dosage. There is always room to increase the amount you give to them, but it is best to start off with a conservative amount. A few drops should be enough to get you started with this treatment.


CBD for Other Pets

Did you know that CBD can be used on other animals besides dogs and cats? Early studies have already shown its efficacy in rats, but you may want to try it with other animals too. Rabbits, ferrets, and other types of animals may all benefit from this treatment. It is easily conceivable that they would experience the same natural benefits that cats and dogs do.

Of course, it is always preferred that you consult with a veterinarian before trying any new treatments with your animals. Always start off with a low dosage and work your way up to a higher one as necessary.


Where to Buy CBD for Dogs & More

The popularity of CBD continues to be on the rise. You can find it any mom-and-pop shop or major retailer, as well as head shops, smoke shops, and more. These days, you can also conveniently purchase your CBD from the comfort of your own couch through websites like NYvapeshopCBD.com with guaranteed quality choices and free shipping.

You love your pet just as much as you would a human family member, so why not give them the best all-natural treatment available? Let them try a bottle of our premium CBD oil today to provide them with the ultimate in comfort, pain management, and more.

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