What are CBD Gummies

What are CBD Gummies - All you Need to Know and more

CBD Gummies

What is CBD?

To get a full understanding of how CBD effects the mind and the body, we have to understand exactly what it is and where it comes from. Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, has seen a rapid rise in popularity over the past decade. New studies continue to reveal staggering range of benefits a single drop of oil can contain. Despite this, it is only recently that CBD has been able to shake away much of its surrounding controversy. This year has seen farmers and producers creating new ways for users to ingest this wonder cure. CBD now finds its home in gummies, vape oils, salves, drinks, and more.


What are CBD Gummies?

Out of the many different forms of CBD, gummies are quickly becoming as popular as daily supplements. These gummies are often created similar to classic candy gummies, but have the oils included in them during production. Sometime this can add an earthly quality to the gummies taste but is often masked by the cane-sugars and sweeteners used in common recipes.

These gummies are gaining popularity for home use among patients and families who seek the benefits of CBD in an easy-to-swallow form. These gummies are the favorites of many people and often common come in friendly shapes such as worms, bears, and frogs. It is the perfect way to access the nostalgia of childhood, make your sweet tooth happy, and relieve chronic pain or anxiety all at once. 

 CBD Gummies vs Vaping CBD Oil

CBD Gummies Versus Vaping

Producers of CBD know every individual may need something different out of their

oils. Some producers create oils to be inhaled through vaporizing devices. Others make salves and pastes that are infused with the oils to be applied directly to inflamed or aching areas of the patient’s skin. Other ways include specialized drinks or sweet hard candies. But out of all the forms of CBD products, gummies are by far the tastiest!

CBD gummies are a tasty, portable, and fun-sized help for many chronic ailments. Patients often remark on the earthy flavor caused by the CBD oil in various products, but this is often avoided by a simple, sugar-based gummy. All quality CBD recipes start with all-natural oils that see little to no processing after they are extracted. Gummies such as these are readily accessible at common stores, head shops, and more. They often come in a range of dosages, so make sure to read the packaging before you buy a bottle that will contain thirty or more.

A CBD gummy is most commonly made from the extracts and oils from the hemp plant. This often allows the gummies to be made from a purer extract than many other forms of CBD. The professionals in the CBD industry have spent the past decade perfecting the various methods of extracting these oils. This has made CBD gummies one of the safest and most effective ways to ingest the oils.

CBD affects everyone differently, so small steps are advised when deciding if gummies are right for you. Gummies are best for setting and forgetting. Take a gummy frog, worm, bear, or anything other form that catches your eye. You will begin to feel its benefits within an hour. If you do not believe gummies are right for you, do not worry! There are many other amazing products that cater to your individual CBD-related needs. 

Another very common way of receiving the benefits of CBD oil is through vaping. This is the preferred method if the patient desires the effects immediately. Unlike the aforementioned gummies, vapes and e-juices affect the system almost instantaneously. Patients then experience the effects of the CBD for two to six hours. Much like with gummies, the dosage varies widely with these products. This gives the user much more control over their dosage.  

If you are still hesitant on your preferred method, gummy, chews or vaping, the best thing we can recommend is to try both out to see what accommodates your needs the best, and a physician can help guide you on this as well. This debate revolves heavily around each individual need and want in their medicine. A gummy is the preferred method for the ones who value the ease and convenience of taking CBD.


Are CBD Gummies Legal?

2018 saw the passage of a bill that was a massive step forward for CBD industry.  Last year, President Donald Trump signed into law the Agriculture Improvement Act which was popularly referred to as the 2018 Farm Bill. This sweeping bill overhauled many aspects of the United States’ agriculture policies, many including how hemp oils are farmed, processed, and sold at a federal level. This bill took effect on the first of January 2019. After its passage, CBD-related industries all now have many more incentives to use hemp-based materials to use as the primary source for their CBD rather than others alternatives without the unwanted attention of the Federal Drug Administration. 

This has opened up countless doors within the CBD industry by allowing them to more aggressively pursue business ventures. 2017 marked the highest grossing year for the industry, with sales close to $820 million dollars. After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, projections say the industry might exceed $1 billion dollars by 2020. The laws surrounding this industry are changing fast, and as the knowledge and use of CBD continue to become common practice. The future continues to look brighter than ever.

CBD Gummy Bears 

CBD Gummy Bears

These gummy bears will commonly come in a range of fruit flavors, exactly like the ones you had as a child. These popular gummies are gelatin based just like the ones you find at a candy store. The CBD oils are then added to the recipe during the early stages. Expect to find them about 2cm in length and have a range of dosage options.


CBD Gummy Worms

Another fun way to get your CBD is through gummy worms. These sweet treats often come coated in sugar to add a bit of extra flavor to the outside, just like the ones you enjoyed as a child. This offers another great alternative to the many other forms of CBD. They come in a variety of flavors, so find what one is your favorite! 


CBD Gummy Frogs

Gummy bears are the most common form of CBD gummies, but that has not stopped many producers who thinking outside the box. Gummies sometimes come in the shape of frogs, often ranging in the same flavors and colors as the gummy bears. As always, the dosage varies so make sure to check the label before ingesting these gummies. Just because these frog gummies can be slightly larger than the bears, does not always mean there is more CBD in the gummies.

 What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil?

The majority of medical-grade oil is extracted from hemp plants: the least processed form of any strain of cannabis. The concentration of these oils differs widely from plant to plant, but the non-psychoactive properties found in this specific strain are used are widely used throughout many therapeutic methods. 

The science behind CBD is still rapidly developing as we continue to learn more about its health benefits. While the effects of this product are non-psychoactive, they can still produce significant changes by hitting two distinct receptors in the user’s body. Previous studies led scientists to believe that by attaching themselves to the various receptors in your brain, the cannabinoids within the CBD oil could potentially effect areas in the brain that control movement, emotions, cravings, and even immune system functions. But the most recent studies have gone on to prove that CBD oils are, in fact, directing the body to utilize the cannabinoids that the body creates naturally on its own.


Where to Buy CBD Gummies

Today, CBD products are more readily accessible than ever before. The rise in popularity means you can often find gummies, chews, vapes, and oils at many local retailers. Better yet, the legalization at the federal level often makes buying online the easiest and most convenient way to purchase CBD products.  Nyvapeshopcbd.com offers competitive prices for the highest quality, all-natural CBD products. Free shipping is included in all orders as well.


CBD Gummy Tips

As always, know what types of CBD works best for you and follow some helpful advice from a physician if you are new to CBD. The most important thing is to start small. A smaller dose of 2.5mg might help with the loss of appetite experienced by a cancer patient. More drastic dosages of 50mg or more will help combat insomnia and other sleeping disorders. The most common dosage will be between 20mg-40mg often advised again alleviating chronic pain and discomfort. 

Another word of advice is to keep an eye on the methods used when harvesting the hemp plant. Some methods take advantage of the full range of cannabinoids, acids, and vitamins that are naturally in a hemp plant. This is referred to as full-spectrum CBD, and often is considered to be higher quality. Research shows that full spectrum CBD works better, but often comes at a higher price point.

The other option is referred to as CBD isolate. This process refers to the refining process that takes the CBD elements and compounds, and forms a white and flavorless powder which is then used to make a wide range of products. These isolates will cost much less than the full-spectrum CBD, but are often less quality and not as environmentally conscious.

Experiment with a variety of products to see what CBD works best for you. Trust the names at Nyvapeshopcbd.com if you are looking to buy online. All of the products are made with Pesticide-Free, non-GMO hemp oils that are extracted from the mature stalks and stems of hemp plants. If you suffer from chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, or any other ailment discussed throughout this article, CBD may help solve your issues. Read more posts on the website to learn more about how CBD can impact you.

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